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  • A woman, accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.
  • Castration and Penectomy Fetishhttp://www.misterpoll.com/polls/589685/results Ladies, if a man came to you with one of these fetishes, and could prove you wouldn't get in any legal trouble, and he would definitely live afterwards, would you want to...
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    • deva 20 days ago

      Castration and Penectomy Fetish

      Ladies, if a man came to you with one of these fetishes, and could prove you wouldn't get in any legal trouble, and he would definitely live afterwards, would you want to play?
      If a man asked you to crush his balls until the point that they both popped, (he would say that someone else who looks nothing like you did it, so you wouldn't be charged, the cops will be searching for an imaginary Castratrix), and he had to go to the hospital to be castrated because of this. Would you?

      8% (13) Rough up his balls, but not cause permanent damage
      2% (4) Crush one ball to the point that it popped, but leave the other intact, you couldn't bring yourself to completely castrate him.
      10% (16) Pop one ball, but only pop the other one if he really begged for it after the 1st one popped and he knew exactly how much it was going to hurt.
      16% (27) If he really wanted to have both of them popped at once, You would pop them both at once, but quickly to get it over with fast. He wants to be castrated, and you'll help him.
      62% (100) Oh yeah, you want me to pop both of your balls? Okay, but we're gonna do it nice and slow. It's going to take a few hours, it's going to be the most painful experience you'll ever have, but I promise neither of your balls will survive what I'm about to do to them ::evil grin::
      160 voters have answered this question.

      How would you prefer to pop one or both of his balls?

      21% (35) Try with my bare hands first, but if I'm not strong enough, I'll use something else.
      6% (10) With a pair of nut crackers!
      15% (24) Under the heel of my boot!
      6% (11) With my teeth!
      50% (80) Slowly with a vice!
      160 voters have answered this question.

      If the same guy also wanted you to band off his penis with an elastrator (so he wouldn't bleed to death, and he provided the elastrator and showed you how to use it) and cut his penis off as well?

      3% (6) He ain't losing dick or balls, I'm not cruel enough to do either!
      4% (7) I'll ruin one of his balls, but not both and definitely won't cut off a penis!
      17% (28) I'll destroy both of his balls, but he's keeping his cock!
      20% (33) You really want me to rupture both of your balls and slice off you pecker? Okay sure, I've got a few minutes to kill, lets do this!!
      53% (86) I will completely end your manhood, very slowly, and very painfully!! This is going to take all day... ::even more evil grin::
      160 voters have answered this question.

      How about leaving his balls intact, (so he still gets horny) but cutting his penis off (so he can't even jerk off), basically giving him permanent blue balls?

      3% (6) He's keeping everything, I don't "have the balls" to do any of that.
      15% (25) I'd pop his balls, but could never cut off a penis
      8% (13) If I'm cutting off his dick, I'm going to pop his balls too, I could never leave a guy with permanent blue balls.
      12% (20) You really want to be given permanent blue balls? Are you sure? Okay, you asked for it... ::slice:: Enjoy your blue balls weirdo!!
      60% (96) Are you kidding me? That would be awesome!! Knowing I gave him permanent blue balls would be hilarious!! If he had a ballbusting fetish, I'd even rough up his balls afterwards, knowing it would make him horny, but wouldn't be able to jerk off to get any type of release. LOL ::wickedly evil grin::
      160 voters have answered this question.

      If asked to wear one of these outfits to either pop his balls, cut off his penis, or destroy the whole package, which outfit would you prefer to play Castratrix in?

      31% (50) Goth Cheerleader (Cheerleader uniform, fishnets, spiked collar, knee-high boots, black lipstick, eyeliner and eye shadow)
      13% (21) School Girl Outfit (Hair up in pigtails, maybe even a Goth School Girl by adding stuff from the Goth Cheerleader outfit)
      19% (31) Sexy Nurse Costume
      17% (28) Dominatrix Gear (Skin tight leather or vinyl)
      18% (30) Sports Bra and Short Shorts, with hair up in braids
      160 voters have answered this question.

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    Erotic asphyxiation is the term used for purposely cutting off oxygen to the brain in order to achieve sexual arousal. Chemically, when oxygen is deprived from the brain carbon dioxide is produced causing...
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  • Though people who know me in the real world think of me as a man, in reality, I want so much to be a girl. I know I am facing awful consequences when or if someone I know comes up to me and asks me, "Jeff, I just learned you shave your legs, you...
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  • Jurors find woman guilty in stiletto-stabbing case One of Ana Trujillo's shoes sits in front of District Court Judge Brock Thomas' bench before Trujillo is sentenced to life in prison for killing her...
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    Testicle Skewering "ball torture", it almost always refers to testicular torture and testicle skewering and so on—play piercing of the testicle itself (versus surface play piercings in the scrotum...
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      http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/deva/9822/tomboy… http://femdomspace.com/videos/play/deva/9833/tomboy…   I found 'Tomboys' to be a great little Aussie movie. In the tradition...
  • Japanese dominatrices whipping men and using them as human ponies. Very sexy if you are into Asian Femdom. This si actually from a movie called "Weather Woman" and is not a porno.