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Nurse Jackie S01E07 Penis torture with catheter by nurse

by Femdom Space Admin   508 days ago

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Great scene from season one episode seven of the popular TV series "Nurse Jackie".  First Nurse Jackie walks in to find a colleague and a police officer standing in the doorway.  The officer explains that the patient is a pedophile with extremely swollen testicles.  Apparently the other nurse put a catheter in him but can't get it out.  The pedophile patient is being obnoxious and is handcuffed to the bed while continually demanding that the nurses "take this thing out of my dick".  Nurse Jackie asks if the bulb was deflated and the other nurse explains that it wasn't.  She then walks over to him and grabs the catheter and pulls it fast and hard out of his penis and this makes him scream loudly.  Outside she explains that she did it because he was a pedophile and who would believe his word over hers.  She further explains that she had a fight with her boyfriend and was in a bad mood.

Categories: femdom, ballbusting, cfnm, milf (30-40), mainstream media, brunettes