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Neighbor 2009 Penis torture NO AUDIO

by Femdom Space Admin   644 days ago

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3/5 stars (1 votes)

This is a very gruesome and bloody scene from "Neighbor" (2009) with brunette actress America Olivo.  In this scene she shoves a rod up his penis hole and shoves it in and out until blood comes pouring out.  Then she kisses him while grabbing his penis and hurting him further.

Unfortunately my ripper has problems with the audio codec so there is no audio.  But the gist of it is that she is a female serial killer and she's as crazy as they come.  She has him bound and has been torturing him in avarious ways.  At one point she makes love to him (while he is bound) and then suddenly she suddenly accusing him of raping her and states that she will get her revenge.  She then pulls out the rod and explains that she learned this from her parents (or school?) and it comes from Thailand (?).  Then she rams it in.  As she kisses him and pulls/squeezes/twists his penis she also tells him to "stay with me now".

If interested in the full movie be warned that it's very gruesome and in my opinion a bit hard to follow because it doesn't seem to be linear.  There are many bondage scenes in it where she has people tied up but as far as I see this is the only one with nudity.

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