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Aliens In The Attic ballbusting compilation remote control BB

by Femdom Space Admin   566 days ago

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4/5 stars (1 votes)

Nice collection of two scenes from the film "Aliens In The Attic".  In the first scene the grandma is under the control of the alien device and is fighting a guy who is also being controlled.  She uses her cane to hit the guy's crotch from behind and pull him back.  In the second and probably best scene the same guy's ex girlfriend gets controll of the alien device and uses it to make the guy make a fool in front of himself with his new girlfriend.  After making him do various things she finally uses it to make him jump on the railing and hurt his balls severely.  Afterwards she says "I am so keeping this!" with a big smile on her face implying she will probably use it to bust his balls in the future too!

Categories: femdom, ballbusting, humiliation, teen (over 18), grandmas (50 and up), mainstream media, blondes